About Vishal Kapur

Vishal is a quite an introvert individual busy exploring deep spaces in his mind for evolving refreshing creative textile expressions…His creative journey has taken him to a vast array of craft clusters and handloom weaving regions in India…

His design education at the National Institute of Design has helped him immensely to understand the delicate nuances of design, skill and tradition in order to blend them in various mixes as per the context to create dynamic creative results.

In 2007 , he laid foundations of┬áthe Textile design studio and commenced┬ácommercial level production of various regions he had explored and displayed his creations to the public, it was mesmerising…the commercial world had not seen creative expression like those in ethnic textile markets and was widely accepted and applauded…

A bit of a glimpse into his world you can see in this video link

Over the years he has evolved into a more expressive personality always excited to embrace new life experiences !!!

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