Bandhani, Narhar Village

On my quest for newer expressions in textiles we began our journey with a highly ambitious group of women at the Narhar village which is located in Chirawa Tehsil of Jhunjhunun district in Rajasthan, India. It is situated 10km away from sub-district headquarter Chirawa and 40km away from district headquarter Jhunjhunun

I met the Sarpanch, Sunita ji and Usha ji the head of the creative group along with Ms.Renu shah , executive from an NGO as a preliminary meeting for creating newer experiments in bandhani textiles.

Samples were given to be made and within no time they got their first order of bandhani kurtas with contemporary bandhani styles.

This group of women is a living example of unrelenting energy to create their own individuality and desire to independently sustain themselves. We only fecilitate them giving them right design directions to suit contemporary needs


This first sample created using traditional bandhani is designed on pure cotton kurta with grid weave where the fabric acts like a graph paper and patterns were designed to fit in this graph as bandhani inherently is a craft that defines design with a presence or absence of dot.

To see a sneek peak in the lives of these women have a look at this video while they created this new bandhani experiment

More designs were created using this technique and complemented with lacework gave the textile a unique rendition of textures

details of a shaded maheshwari saree created using bandhani…

The bandhani process can become extremely intricate and fine with different communities in kutch who practice the craft

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